Fleet Maintenance & Modernization Symposium 2018


会议名称:Fleet Maintenance & Modernization Symposium 2018



所在国家:United States

具体地点:Virginia Beach Convention Center

主办单位:American Society of Naval Engineers

议题:Readiness, Wholeness and Future Capability — Keys to Expanding Maritime Superiority.






The American Society of Naval Engineers (ASNE) Fleet Maintenance & Modernization Symposium (FMMS) is an annual event, alternating between Hampton Roads and San Diego, bringing together the entire naval ship maintenance and modernization community like no other forum.

US military vessels and ships are some of the most complex modern marvels of the 21st century that must operate in demanding seas while completing complex missions for national defense or humanitarian efforts. ASNE's FMMS allows for an open forum of communications and exchange of technical information of ship maintenance and modernization between the US Navy, NAVSEA, industry, academia, deck plate users, and you.

This forum seeks to engage everyone who has a stake in building, repairing, sailing, innovating, updating, training, fighting, and winning on or from the sea on a US or allied military vessel. We are stronger when people with different backgrounds, education, jobs, trades, and experience discuss issues and solutions facing the fleet.


Theme: Readiness, Wholeness and Future Capability — Keys to Expanding Maritime Superiority.

Suggested Topical Areas:

Readiness: Operational availability and readiness of our ships, systems and sailors.

Wholeness: Ensuring the systems we deploy are fully supported with training, logistics and lifecycle data

Future Capability: Plans, strategies and challenges to achieve future force structure requirements

Respond to the challenges identified in CFFC Admiral Davidson’ ”Comprehensive Review of Recent Surface Ship Incidents” dated 26 Oct 17 at http://s3.amazonaws.com/CHINFO/Comprehensive+Review_Final.pdf.

Specific areas of interest include:

Analytics: Turning mountains of data into relevant and actionable information

Digital Navy: Leveraging computing power to enhance shipbuilding and lifecycle support

Collaboration: Government-Industry Teamwork, Communities of Practice, Knowledge Management

Innovation: Advancements in technology, business systems, processes, contract strategies

Training: Ready-Relevant Training, Self-Sufficient Sailors, Workforce Development

Investment: Achieving force structure, design service life, and affordable modernization

Alignment: Aligning Training, Maintenance & Modernization (M&M) to improve readiness

Assessments: Material Condition Assessments as a tool to prioritize investment decisions

Policy/Contracting: Strategies and Concepts to improve both competition and performance

Business Systems: Enterprise systems, processes, and tools to improve M&M performance

Modernization: Investment priorities, strategies, and concepts for lifecycle mission relevancy

Cybersecurity: Understanding the impacts, threats and strategies for outpacing our adversaries

TOC: Total Ownership Cost as a key parameter in new construction and lifecycle

C4I / Combat Systems: Current and future investment priorities, and addressing the challenges of Modernizing systems with rapid technology refresh cycles

Submit a one page Abstract online here (login required) prior to 16 March, 2018. The proposal should include:

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1-2 page description which includes a problem statement or introduction, an outline of the key points to be made in the paper, and conclusions or recommendations that the paper will address