14th international naval engineering conference and exhibition



会议名称:14th international naval engineering conference and exhibition





具体地点:University of Strathclyde


联系电话: +44 (0)20 8304 2373/+44 (0)1525 876146




The international scale of naval programmes remains buoyant and diverse. Existing, upcoming and future naval projects face the challenges of evolving threats, growing environmental concerns, availability of skilled personnel, not to mention fiscal constraints and game changing technologies. This requires a unique set engineering skills; an openness to learn from other sectors and the inspiration to innovate, solve problems and maintain the technological edge; INEC 2018 will attempt to address all of these issues.

Learning from other sectors is also a major theme of iSCSS entitled Revolutionary Technology Inspiring Ship Control, the Symposium looks beyond the maritime domain to new technologies developing at revolutionary speed and the potential of their application across the maritime domain in naval vessels, cruise ships, commercial ships and autonomous vehicles.

The aim of both events is to stimulate researchers, engineers, seafarers and students to present their perspectives on inspiring innovation across the naval and wider maritime domain as well as those sectors which could influence future advances and benefit the maritime industry.