Warship 2018: Procurement of Future Surface Vessels


会议名称:Warship 2018: Procurement of Future Surface Vessels





主办单位:The Royal Institution of Naval Architects




Modern navies are increasingly having to manage the trade-off between capability and cost. Versatility, flexibility, and affordability are key criteria which designers need to balance as warships become an exportable commodity, where market value may be just as important as the strategic value of any newly built vessel. Many nations are designing vessels with exportability in mind, this can mean that the Navy needs to accept some compromises to achieve this. On the other hand other nations are looking to build up their sovereign capability or to create jobs in country for national prosperity. In this scenario the nation must select a partner who can provide some degree of technology transfer and the key driver may not necessarily be the ships capability.

All of this is against the backdrop of rapidly advancing technologies including unmanned and autonomous systems, a changing threat environment and an insecure world; these factors require ever more adaptable ships that can fulfil a number of different roles and save money through life. Modularity may be one way to address this adaptability, however this approach has its compromises and there are other design considerations that must be in place to make a platform truly adaptable